Chasm: That highly depends on your definition of the word “kind”.

Anti M!A [3/5]

Anti M!A [2/5]

((The deed is done))

((Just throwing it out there that I’ve come to hate Chasm’s backstory and I’ll be working on editing the lame cliché-ness out of it. Kthxbai))

Anti M!A [1/5]

Pyre: Becaussse, there’sss good ssspecial and then there’sss ‘ssspecial’ ssspecial

Nathan: A-and —Crystals, I thought we’ve gone over this— yesIdohaveacrush.

((Pretend I answered these when I was suPPOSED TO))

Friendly M!A [6/6]

Anti M!A [0/5]


Erib: “I didn’t mean toooooooo….”

((Guysssss, go follow my sis’ ask blog! ODO))

Chasm: He’s bad enough without your help.

Friendly M!A [[5/6]]

Chasm: It’s just from a fight.

Friendly M!A [[4/6]]

Chasm: That rage mode thing was totally not my fault. But, yeah, I got it covered.

Friendly M!A [[3/6]]