Erib: “I didn’t mean toooooooo….”

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Chasm: He’s bad enough without your help.

Friendly M!A [[5/6]]

Chasm: It’s just from a fight.

Friendly M!A [[4/6]]

Chasm: That rage mode thing was totally not my fault. But, yeah, I got it covered.

Friendly M!A [[3/6]]

Friendly M!A [[2/6]]

Nathan: I can get it off. I-it’s too tight on my wrist.

Nathan: I-is that a hybrid… or something…?

((Friendly reminder that nobody’s really up to date on what’s going on in the End))

Nathan: I either have to carry her, or there has to be a fifteen foot distance between them. Or both….

Domino: I have touched the Nether’s star.

Domino: I believe the other may be… mentally challenged….

Nathan: Plus, I’m not e-entirely sure….