Pyre: The pom-pom onesss~!

Pyre: It’sss really hard to ssseesss. It messsesss up humansss’ mindsss a little bit. Makesss them momentarily ssslow. When we light to gasss, the explosssion actsss like a dissstraction. Ssso, while you’re all confusssed we either take of runningsss or hide. Sssimple OwO 

((Thank you 83))

Nathan: I’ve tricked you all. I will not apologize. 

((Merry April Fools~ Remember to trust no-one ^w^))

((Merry April Fools~ Remember to trust no-one ^w^))

((Could I possibly get some asks over here? OvO I wanna draw these guys right now…))

Pyre: Umm…I can think of one timesss I mussst have fallen off a cliffsss…nothing before that, thoughsss.

Chasm: After a few years it gets old. But, as soon as I finish helping the retard find the Ender Portal, I’ll have to get back to searching anyways…

Domino: They already stand in the way…

Nathan: I don’t think I chose to wear it…. I can’t recall.

Nathan: Here is an interesting fact for you: creepers will explode when they consume too much sugar, so please throw that into the nearest lava pit ASAP.

Chasm: Corruption stuff. You wouldn’t get it, really. Also, don’t threaten me or I will kill you, midget. 

Sword M!A [6/6]

Chasm: I normally, just eat ores. Emeralds are the best, but ‘happy’ is pushing it.

Sword M!A [5/6]

Nathan: For Kumea’s sake, none of us are deaf. To answer the question: I’m sure we do, just none of us happen to know were they are…. That doesn’t mean they’re d-dead, right…? At least, I-I think so…oh Notch…

Pyre: Jussst how manysss hissssing green dogsss have yousss ssseen lately?